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[Public Consultation]The Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau issued the Announcement of the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau on Requesting Public Comments on the Measures of Guangzhou Municipality on Fare Discounts of Public Transportation on April 30, to request public comments on the exposure draft of the Measures of Guangzhou Municipality on Fare Discounts of Public Transportation.

The text of the Measures contains the scope of fare discounts of public transportation, the policy of fare discounts for the specific group, the policy of the fare discounts for the general, the implementation of fare discounts and the supplementary provision.

We invite you to share your views.

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Please Wear a Mask
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WaterbusLines in orange are need reserved and only available while number of reserved passengers more than a certain number. Details and make a reserve on Guangzhou Custom Public Transport.

 Waterbus line S5a suspended because the current epidemic closure arrangements. Passengers need to get to Former Whampoa Military Academy Museum, please take S10 Yuzhu-Changzhou line to Changzhou Pier and walk there.

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