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wear a mask
Please Wear a Mask
when taking public transportation
and entering public places.

System Map

Line 14 express trains will be cancelled in 12:00~21:00 on Sep 28, 10:12~22:00 on Sep 29 and 13:01~22:00 from Sep 30 to Oct 6. All trains will run as local service in these periods. 2023-09-24
The service time of all lines of Guangzhou and Foshan Metro system will be extended for 1 hour from September 28 to October 1. 2023-09-24
The service time of Line 2 towards Guangzhou South Railway Station will be advanced for 30 minutes from September 29 to 30. 2023-09-24
Operation Information16:48
No special operation information at all stations.
The real-time operating status is for reference only. Please refer to the latest operating information released on Guangzhou Metro official website and Weibo.