wear a mask
Please Wear a Mask
when taking public transportation
and entering public places.

Remind you, wear a mask at these situations: taking metro, bus, tram, waterbus (ferry), taxi, coach bus, elevator, and other public transportation; entering shopping mall, shop, cinema, exhibition hall, airport, port (pier), public place in hotel, and other crowded indoor places; in a crowded open-space square, amphitheatre, park, and other outdoor places; entering hospital and clinic; in non-eating time in restaurant and canteen; discomfort with nasopharyngeal, and having a cough, sneeze, or fever.

If having any discomfort, seek medical care early and share previous travel history these days with the doctor. Inquire hotline for English at +86-20-960169 (24hrs).
廣州政府服務熱綫+86-20-12345(24小時)。한국어 문의 콜센터 +86-20-960169, 오전 9시~오후 9시. 日本語問い合わせの電話+86-20-960169、午前9時~午後9時。

Epidemic Prevention Policy on Travel in Guangzhou
English Inquiry Hotline: +86-20-960169 (24hr)疫情諮詢電話:+86-20-12345(24小时) 한국어 문의: +86-20-960169 (오전 9시~오후 9시) 日本語問い:+86-20-960169(午前9時~午後9時)

Epidemic Prevention Policy on Travel in Guangzhou

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T-Union logoAvailable regions of China T-union cards

China T-union

is the national transit card brand of mainland China, with a China T-union logoChina T-union logo on the card. The cards also called as TU card, MOT card and natial transit card.

Available in

341 regions with fully or partially support.
The official says fully available in total 318 regions, as of December 2021.

‘No Charge, Card Read’ message appears when using Apple Pay?

Most of the time, bad connection with the card reader causes the problem. Please place close to the card reader with the top of iPhone or the screen of Apple Watch. Not the back of the iPhone. Learn more.

After selecting a region, it shows whether the region supports the T-union Card, its coverage, and whether the region card is issued.

The T-union Cards issued by other regions may also be unavailable due to factors such as the failure of the local operators to update the card readers. Please refer to the blue link to usage records of T-union Cards below the information.

Inquiry with:     [?]
【Top Inquiries】    Guangzhou 广州/廣州  |  Shanghai 上海  |  Wuhan 武汉/武漢  |  Shenzhen 深圳  |  Beijing 北京  |  Hangzhou 杭州  |  Chongqing 重庆/重慶  |  Chengdu 成都  |  Shenyang 沈阳/瀋陽  |  Nanjing 南京
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Customer Service
Testing Records of Usage in This Region

Source: China T-Union Service Manual (published in February 2022) and other Internet sources. If anything wrong or you have more details, click Report at the bottom of page. Macao and Taiwan have no plan to join T-union. Therefore, these 2 places are not listed above. Download China T-union Service Manual (published in February 2022, In Simplified Chinese only)