About us

Q: Why set this website up?

No ADs on this website.

We run this website to make you more convenience. For example, you can check the first or last train time of a metro station, only need to tap on the station name!

We support English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We even support both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. You can one tap to change the language setting of the page!

We now have information on over 850 bus routes and 4000 bus stops.


Q: What can I do? Can I join the edit team?

You can submit your feedback/article to us via this form.

If you submit useful feedback every time, we will invite you to join our edit team.

Q: What do the editors need to do?

Main editor: add/edit the data of the website.

Assistant editor: handle the feedback sent to us, check the text and transfer to the main editor.


Thanks to

KOP-SEE, wongkwanyiu, 蝴蝶 providing information to us.

Keith Wong provides the English name of most of the bus stops. Wikipedia in Chinese provides the translating plan of Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Seniverse provides real-time temperature, weather condition and 3 days forecast of future. HeWeather provides real-time Air Quality Index, feels like temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind scale, wind speed and visibility. UPYUN provides CDN service. ParseDown provides fast Markdown parse program. provides website cron service. Jinshuju provides online form service. Icons8 provides icon design. LiveRe provides online comments hosting.

April 12nd, 2018