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About us


Welcome to iPublicTransport, also as iPT. We also use "公共交通信息" as Simplified Chinese name.


Why set up the website?

We want to present information on public transportation in a pretty, easy-using, multi-language supported website. And no profit ADs.


We try to display different types of information with a more pretty web design.

Rather than simply displaying the bus route map in horizontal rows, we display it in vertical double columns on the bus route page (a one-way route or a circular route, of course, only a single column), and display it in horizontal rows without changing rows on the bus stop page. In line with daily cognitive habits.

We also self-produced the "Guangzhou Metro Network Map" including the tram and intercity rail lines operated by Guangzhou Metro, and released them in PNG and PDF.


We also have a "Guangzhou Metro Network Map" webpage, and added the function of tapping to check the time of the first and last trains at the station.

When a metro station implements crowd control measures or is temporarily closed, real-time information will be displayed on the website homepage and metro line page.

On the metro and tram line page, you can check the first and last train time of each station by simply clicking on the station name. We also provide information on "Next Express Train".

On the waterbus line page, we also provide next ferry information.

Cross-regional travel has also become commonplace. We are also actively collecting information on the China T-Union, and the "Applicable area of China T-Union card" inquiry tool is online now.


We try to improve the multilingualism of the website. Currently supports Chinese (simplified and traditional version), English, Korean and Japanese.

The Chinese pages of the whole site can be switched by region, and most of the pages will be automatically converted by the program.

The metro, tram, and waterbus pages support all supported languages; the bus page supports Chinese and English, and some basic information on bus stops supports Korean.

No profit ADs

True. We don't have any ADs for profits. We are a non-profit website. All the costs are are borne by the website owner.


Communication outside the website

We also hope to make efforts to promote the public's understanding and use of public transportation, and to promote information related to public transportation using transportation cards.

We will use social platforms such as Weibo and Twitter to release information. We will spontaneously answer to citizens on social platforms and promote public transportation information.


Help us do better

If you have comments and suggestions, or if the information is missing or incorrect, please let us know through the feedback form link below.

Feedback form

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Thanks to

Data editing made by KOP-SEE, wongkwanyiu, 蝴蝶 and Lam.

Information via Keith Wong.

And other Information Providers, Services and Open Source Project.