Please Wear a Maskwhen taking public transportation
and entering public places.

In order to prevent the spread of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, the authorities decided to implement the control measures for wearing masks in public places in Guangdong Province from the announcement on January 26, 2020. The termination date will be announced separately. (粤防疫指办通〔2020〕1号)

Remind you: Wear a mask when taking metro, bus, tram, waterbus (ferry), taxi, highway bus and other public transportation, and entering shopping malls, shops, bookstores, museums, hotels, restaurants, cafes, waiting rooms in hospital, airport, port (pier), and other crowded public places.

If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share previous travel history within 14 days with the doctor. Inquiry hotline: 12320 (Guangzhou Health Hotline).

As of January 28, 2020 20:51, public transportation services in Guangzhou are generally available. The authorities said on January 27th, Guangdong will not implement measures to restrict people and vehicles from entering and leaving the city.
Guangzhou Metro canceled the original schedule of extending the service for 1 hour on January 29-30, excluding Line 2 and Line 3. Waterbus Line S2, S5a, S13a and all Ruyue routes are suspended. Other waterbus lines are available.