wear a mask
Please Wear a Mask
when taking public transportation
and entering public places.

Remind you, wear a mask at these situations: taking metro, bus, tram, waterbus (ferry), taxi, coach bus, elevator, and other public transportation; entering shopping mall, shop, cinema, exhibition hall, airport, port (pier), public place in hotel, and other crowded indoor places; in a crowded open-space square, amphitheatre, park, and other outdoor places; entering hospital and clinic; in non-eating time in restaurant and canteen; discomfort with nasopharyngeal, and having a cough, sneeze, or fever.

If having any discomfort, seek medical care early and share previous travel history these days with the doctor. Inquire hotline for English at +86-20-960169 (24hrs).
廣州政府服務熱綫+86-20-12345(24小時)。한국어 문의 콜센터 +86-20-960169, 오전 9시~오후 9시. 日本語問い合わせの電話+86-20-960169、午前9時~午後9時。

Epidemic Prevention Policy on Travel in Guangzhou
English Inquiry Hotline: +86-20-960169 (24hr)疫情諮詢電話:+86-20-12345(24小时) 한국어 문의: +86-20-960169 (오전 9시~오후 9시) 日本語問い:+86-20-960169(午前9時~午後9時)

Epidemic Prevention Policy on Travel in Guangzhou

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