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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy explains to you how we collect, store, use and share your personal information, why we collect it, and rights of you. Use our services, that means agree with this policy.

This policy mainly contains the following points:

  1. The personal information we collect and the reasons for collecting such information;
  2. How we collect, use and store your personal information;
  3. When will your personal information be shared; and
  4. Your rights.


For your understanding, we write this policy in relatively simple words, please see the words definitions mentioned in this policy.

Words Definition
Our policy, this policy This file, titled Privacy Policy of iPublicTransport.
We, our, our services, our site, iPublicTransport website The website and services of iPublicTransport, include web pages, mobile applications, APIs, email and notifications.
Users The users of our services.
Personal information Information that you provide to us or that we collect to identify users. It does not include information that has been anonymized.
Third-party Individuals, companies, organizations, websites, services, products, applications, etc. that are not under our control, management, or operation.
Share Including sharing, publicizing and transferring user personal information
Main site The website of iPublicTransport (excludes forum).
Forum The web forum of iPublicTransport, on

Effective range

The effective range of this policy only covers our services. For example, if we may need a third-party to assist in providing services to users, you use our services through third-party services, and you are redirected to third-party services through us. Please note that third-party services are not covered by this policy and you should refer directly to their privacy policy.

The information we collect and how we collect it

Account information and registration

You can use our basic services of main site without an account.

However, if you need to use our editor, API, and/or other features that require authentication on main site, or sign in the forum, you may need to register for an account.

The basic part of an account includes username, UID, email address and password. The UID will apportion when you register.

Sign in on main site and forum, uses the same basic part of the account. But there will be more information item on the forum. You will need to read, confirm and agree to our main site and forum account terms of use when registering.

Network, browser, and device information

When you use our services through a web browser, we will automatically receive some information based on how the browser works. This information includes:

  • The device you are using (may include the device unique identification number), the brand, version, rendering engine and language settings of your browser, also the brand, version, resolution, and language settings of your device operating system;
  • In some cases, your network service provider, how do you connect to our service, from which website to go to our website, from which website we go to, which page you requested and viewed, And when you make a request to our service.

We mainly use this information to enhance the user experience. For example, we can use this information to provide web pages of the appropriate size and language to users or to track the usage of various functions, as well as to understand users and integrate analysis of trends.

Local storage technology

We use local storage technologies such as cookies and LocalStorage to collect and record personal information about how users use our services and provide you with some better-personalized services.

Local storage technologies such as cookie and LocalStorage, are created by the website and store in your device. The website can access the data when you visit the website again. The data will not contain any personal information.

These local storage technologies can help us understand user usage records, usage habits, stay logged in, and we may store your personalized settings directly on the device.

We store some data in your device when you visit our website.

When cookies created and the cookies effective time are below.

User type Create time Longest effective time
Main site user Visit the main site Till the browser closed
Non-signed in user on the forum Visit the forum 16 hours
Signed in user on the forum Sign in to the forum 30 days when sign in with auto-sign-in option checked, or 16 hours

Contact us and know the details of when, how and how long we use these technologies.

Survey and feedback

Participating in voluntary surveys and providing feedback will help us get better. Depending on the purpose of the survey and feedback activities, please check how the event will use your personal information before participating. You can voluntarily choose whether or not to participate.

Location information

Positioning information

Use positioning information to provide more accurate, faster, convenient services, such as showing you nearby bus stop information. If you agree to our use of GPS and other commonly used positioning technologies, we will keep the information obtained confidentially.

IP address

When you use our services, we automatically receive the IP address of the device. This may be used to infer where the user is. We may provide IP addresses to third-party services to provide you with more localized services and statistical analysis of your data.

Sharing of personal information

We will share your personal information with third-parties in the following situations.

With your consent

We will share your personal information for a specific purpose with your consent.

Legal reason

We will share your personal information with third-parties when we receive judicial or administrative requirements from third-parties. However, if the relevant request is not reasonable and legal, we will try our best to obtain the exemption, even if the affected users do not object. If you have provided us an email address, we will notify you by email within 10 working days since we received the request.

If you have any objection to a third-party request, this policy does not restrict you from taking any action. If you are one of the affected users, we recommend that you seek legal advice.

Transfer of control or ownership

In the case that the control or ownership of iPublicTransport is transferred, we will continue to process your personal data with this policy as much as possible. We may transfer and/or process your personal information with different privacy policies after we have posted notices in a reasonably conspicuous location for our services and/or least 30 days after we notified you by email.

To protect you, us and others

In a reasonable and necessary situation, we may share your personal information with third-parties in order to detect, investigate, prevent, and resolve violations of the Terms of Service, protect our staff, users, or the public to avoid imminent serious bodily injury or death.

The third-party to assist us in providing services

We may require third-party assistance to provide services to you, in which case personal information will be provided to these third-parties. We will do our utmost to reduce this situation and list it in the "Third-parties who can obtain your personal information" page.

Management of personal information

Next, we'll explain how you manage your personal information. The main site only uses the basic part of the account. The personal information below is about the forum.

Obtain the personal information we collected

You can find your personal information at the setting panel of forum.

Correction and deletion

You can change your personal information at the setting panel of forum.

You can delete personal information (exclude required items) at the setting panel of forum.

The cookie and LocalStorage data will be stored on the user device, and you can clear the relevant data through the setting menu on the device.

Refuse to collect

We understand that you wish to deny your personal information to be collected. If you access our services through a web browser, you can:

  • Enable the "Privacy Window" feature. With this feature enabled, cookies and LocalStorage data will not be retained in your browser history. This means that when you use our services again after closing the browser window, we can not know if you have used our services or your previous usage records;
  • Enable the "Do Not Track" feature. With this feature enabled, we will disable assistance from some third-parties. We will provide more support for this feature in the future.

For the purpose of technical analysis, the automatically received information such as the IP address and browser, operating system and accompanying information will still be collected.

Delete account

You can delete your account by using the Delete Account function at the setting panel of forum. Your posts may or may not be deleted according to the forum policy at the time.

Contact us

Contact us by submitting feedbacks or sending email to

Changes and application of privacy policy

Our privacy policy may change at any time. We will post the latest privacy policy on this page. The major changes to the privacy policy will be announced in a prominent position. For your information, we will also archive the old version of the policy.

In the case of any discrepancy or conflict between any language version of this Privacy Policy and the latest version of the Simplified Chinese (China) version, the latest Simplified Chinese (China) version shall prevail.

February 2nd, 2020