wear a mask
Please Wear a Mask
when taking public transportation
and entering public places.

Remind you: Wear a mask when taking metro, bus, tram, waterbus (ferry), taxi, highway bus and other public transportation, and entering shopping malls, shops, bookstores, museums, hotels, restaurants, cafes, waiting rooms in hospital, airport, port (pier), and other crowded public places.

If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share previous travel history within 14 days with the doctor. Inquiry hotline: 020-12320 (Guangzhou Health Hotline).

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[Public Consultation]Guangzhou Metro and Guangzhou Bus Group issued the Announcement of Guangzhou Metro and Guangzhou Bus Group on Requesting Public Comments on the Planning on Changing Fare Discounts of Public Transportation on September 10, to request public comments on the exposure draft of the Planning on Changing Fare Discounts of Public Transportation.

The text of the Measures contains the scope and plans of fare discounts of public transportation.

We invite you to share your views.

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Posted until October 10, 2021

Supported Payments in metro

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Supported payments on other transport: bus, tramwaterbus (ferry) and Guangdong Intercity.




Single Journey Ticket (SJT) Machine accepts RMB ¥1(coin), ¥5, ¥10. You can exchange coins at the Service Center.



Transit card, bank card and other contactless payments

Transit card

Transit cards below are available, and applied 5% off discount.

  • Yang Cheng Tong (Lingnan Pass)  Yang Cheng Tong logoLingnan Pass logo
    Monthly ride 40% off discount: Use YCT Card (Lingnan Pass) and ride 15 times in metro, bus (include BRT), tram and waterbus. From the 16th ride, the 40% off discount will be applied till the month ends.
    5% off if monthly discount conditions are not met.
    * Lingnan Pass's LogoChina T-Union's LogoCards like Shenzhen Tong, Zhuhaitong, Dongguantong and Zhanjiangtong, which don't have a Lingnan Pass channel in the card even if the Lingnan Pass logo is on the surface. The discounts are not applicable for these cards.

  • China T-UnionChina T-Union logo
    Discount: 5% off.


UnionPay QuickPassUnionPayContactless

UnionPay IC Credit Card and CMB UnionPay IC Debit Card available to the reader on turnstile.

UnionPay Mobile QuickPass with binding a UnionPay Credit Card and CMB UnionPay Debit Card available to the reader on turnstile.



Use MetroPay function in Guangzhou Metro App on Android phone with NFC, put the phone onto the reader on turnstile to go through the turnstile.



QR code

Guangzhou Transit QR (广州市公共交通码「一城一码」)

Travel with one QR code service. Also availble in bus and waterbus.

Available on apps below. Use the service with binding payment account, show the QR Code to the scan window on turnstile.

  • Yang Cheng Tong App: Guangzhou Transit QR (广州市公共交通码「一城一码」,)


Guangzhou Metro Transit QR

Available on apps below. Use the service with binding payment account, show theQR Code to the scan window on turnstile.

  • Guangzhou Metro App
  • Yang Cheng Tong App: Metro QR
  • WeChat Mini Program: Guangzhou Metro Transit QR (广州地铁乘车码)
  • Alipay Mini Program: Guangzhou Metro Transit QR (广州地铁乘车码)


Ticket Machine, Cloud Ticket Pick-Up Machine

Use payment services below to purchase tickets or pick up the tickets you ordered.

  • WeChat Pay
  • Alipay



Order tickets online

Use Guangzhou Metro App, WeChat and Alipay to order tickets online. For APM Line, show the QR code to the scan window on turnstile. For other lines, pick up the tickets you ordered with the Cloud Ticket Pick-Up Machine in orange.






Please keep your tickets carefully in journey. Lost tickets during the journey will be treated as without a valid ticket and the highest one-way fare for the station will be charged.

When exit the paid-area, if out of the SJT range or the ticket card balance is insufficient for current journey, you can make up the ticket at the customer service center and self-service customer center.

If you do not exit the paid-area in 270 minutes after entering the paid-area, the overtime fee (the highest one-way fare in the network) and the fare of current journey will be charged. Please do not stay overtime.

One adult passenger can bring two children who not taller than 1.3 meters or under the legal school age with a valid ID for free. Please puarchase tickets for the exceeded children.


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