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Guangzhou Public Transport Group-Trolley BusContact
Fare: ¥2How to Pay
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This route has been suspended.

Huangshi Lu Bus Terminal
Loop route
Via: Huangshi Lu Bus Terminal, Sanyuanli Dadao Entrance, Sanyuanli Dadao North, Tangxi, Sanyuanli Dadao Central, Tangxia (Sanyuanli Dadao), Shachong, Beizhan, Yaotai, Wangshengtang, Guangdong Women & Children’s Hospital Yuexiu Branch, Former Caonuan Park, TV Tower, Xiaobei, Yuexiu Park North Entrance, Sanyuanli Dadao (Guihuagang), Sanyuanli, Xinshixu

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  • 2月26日起停运February 25, 2023


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